Labour has defended itself against claims it “misled” residents over promises to roll out half an hour's free parking in the borough’s town centres.

Conservative councillors slammed the opposition party, which said it would run the scheme across all town centres, before budgeting for just four in their amendment at last night’s full council meeting.

Councillor Dean Cohen said: “Their pledge was ‘we will give you half an hour's free parking in our town centres’ on the assumption that pledge is for all town centres. However, they have only budgeted and specified four.

“It’s either a major U-turn after they have already given a pledge to residents of the borough, or it is misleading.”

Despite only including figures for High Barnet, Mill Hill, Edgware and North Finchley in its budget, leader of the Labour group Councillor Alison Moore said her party stands by its pledge to roll out the scheme across all town centres if they are voted in at the next local election.

Speaking to the Times Series, she said: “There’s no inconsistency. We asked for figures for all town centres, but we could not get officers to cost the full roll-out. We had to go with a solid validated figure, but the intention is there.

“We would go with those four town centres and start it as part of the budget, but in June, if we form the administration, we would take a real fierce look at it.

"We will find ways to roll it out."

Cllr Moore also admitted a full review of parking would need to be carried out, claiming the current policy is “a mess”.