Barnet’s Labour group leader is facing calls to resign in the wake of a tax-dodging scandal involving one of her members.

Councillor Alison Moore was told her position is “no longer tenable” after refusing to name the member who was summonsed over an unpaid £1,400 council tax bill.

Conservative cabinet member Councillor Tom Davey wrote an open letter to the opposition leader this morning, demanding she name the individual “for the sake of the reputation of all councillors”.

Cllr Davey wrote: “I demand that you name the Labour councillor who has tried to dodge their obligation, and make public exactly why they thought they were different to hard working families who pay their tax.

"I find it disgraceful. What is even more disturbing is that it is possible this member was voting on council tax items, and submitting questions at council relating to enforcement and collection methods.”

Cllr Moore admitted yesterday it was one of her members who failed to pay the bill, having last week said she would be “shocked” if the unknown councillor turned out to be a Labour member.

Councillor Davey said he would be starting an online petition calling for the councillor to be named, and he urged the Labour group leader to act.

He said: “Please do the honourable thing and name the councillor. It is also clear that your position as Labour leader is no longer tenable.

“After mistakes in your budget sums, accepting a one per cent cut in council tax and One-Barnet Savings, and now this scandal, surely you cannot continue in a position of leadership.”