Wildlife expert Chris Packham has backed a campaign to stop a huge tomb from being built in the middle of the green belt.

The BBC SpringWatch presenter has spoken out to say he is against the idea of building a giant mausoleum in the green belt opposite Westminster Cemetery, in Mill Hill.

Hundreds have signed a petition to block the plans, which they say will “wreak havoc” on the wildlife in the area.

Mr Packham said: “We very sadly live in an age where we need to scrap for every scrap of wildlife habitat . And this one is worth it .

“It has a group of very special species and is accessible to literally millions. It would be a far more fitting memorial to us if we were to protect it for future generations to enjoy.”

The land is a haven for wildlife and includes badgers, hedgehogs, slow worms and deer.

Over 50 people attended a last minute residents’ meeting on Saturday and since then, an online petition has gathered over 400 signatures.

Earlier this week, Claire Fox Baron, of Woodcote Avenue, said: “It’s going to be catastrophic for the animals and wreak havoc on their surroundings.

“It’s a beautiful area but they are ruining it with this ridiculous plans.”

The land is owned by Monument Properties Investment, who told the Times Series they will not ignore the neighbours objections.

To sign the petition, click here.