There comes a time where every duckling must fly the nest – but these fluffy creatures were a little premature when they set up home on a family’s doorstep.

The little animals appear to have lost their way and had to wing it by setting up home in Parson Street, Hendon.

Clare Paul woke up to find the mother duckling shielding her chicks on the doormat and a few days later, she led her ducklings toward water.

She said: "I was very sad to see them go. I saw the mother was marching all 11 ducklings up the side road.”

Clare explained it was better for the ducklings to head towards water – and away from the cats in the neighborhood.

She said: “Beautiful as they were I was quite worried for their safety.”

The doormat where the family of ducks had taken up residence was behind a metal gate. The mother was trying to squeeze out, but the babies couldn’t get out.

Clare said: “What happened in the end was the neighbour who had the cat constructed some kind of ramp. Another neighbour put down water, and another put down oats to lead them out. That was the last we saw of them. The whole neighborhood was interested.”

In that manner, with all her ducks in a row, the mother left the neighborhood.

Clare added: “We miss them, but we hope that they are ok.”