The landlords of a new pub have vowed to carry on the goodwill when they inherited they stepped in to save the premises.

Senan Sexton and Dan Fox are now the new co-owners of The Bohemia Pub, in High Road, North Finchley.

The pub closed unexpectedly just days shy of its first anniversary last year, and hundreds supported a huge campaign to save it from closure.

Senan said: “It’s clear the people of North Finchley want a community pub, so that’s what we’re going to give them.

“We want it to have a chilled atmosphere and to be somewhere people can come down and relax after work. That’s what a community pub should be about.

“We’ll carry on the goodwill that was here before.”

Squatters opened it to the community after gaining access to the empty building, running workshops including salsa and yoga, before being evicted in a dramatic raid.

Another set of squatters then moved into the building months later.

But the new landlords are now looking to the future and are busy finalising plans for the pub, which will have its own brewery.

Due to reopen on June 11, The Bohemia will now be run by the London Brewing Company.

Senan added: “We really supported what the squatters stood for and actually attended some of their community events.

“However, the second lot of squatters were very destructive and we’ve had to repair more damage than anticipated.

“Still, we’re on track for our grand opening and really looking forward to the pub being the heart of the community once again.”