Traffic calming measures and pedestrian improvements were debated at a lively Hendon Residents Forum this evening.

People from Hendon, Colindale and Edgware visited Hendon Town Hall, in The Burroughs, to present petitions about various safety issues across the borough.

Neighbours in Oakleigh Gardens and Kings Road, in Edgware, handed over a petition to stop commuters from using their parking spaces during the week.

They are calling for yellow lines in the area near Green Lane and Green Drive, but are wary of motorists leaving their cars further up the road during the working day.

Resident Melvin Ansher told the forum: “It’s a dangerous situation. We’re bemused as to how it’s such a difficult, technical issue to introduce a CPZ on part of the street.”

Gavin Woolery, a senior engineer on the council’s design team, said the authority would investigate but could not give a specific time for when this might go ahead.

Other concerns included the lack of parking restrictions in Tenterden Grove, Garrick Way and Briansdale.

John Wolffe, who lives in Briansdale, said residents find it “impossible” to park outside their own homes.

They say parents at Hendon Preparatory School park in a way that risks “life and limb”, and the road is too narrow for emergency service vehicles to pass through.

Householders were told parking restrictions would increase traffic – something they vehemently disagree with.

Mr Wollfe said: “You have to mount the pavement to get through, you can’t see round the bend and end up going on the wrong side of the road. It’s a serious risk to life.

“The school is unresponsive and has made no effort to control the way parents park. The double yellow lines and zig zags are flouted on a daily basis.”

Also on the agenda was a petition for a zebra crossing at the junction of Purcells Avenue and Edgwarebury Lane, which has had more than 400 signatures.

Others raised concerns about the lack of traffic calming measures in Stonegrove, Edgware, which is a hotspot for accidents.

Witness statements from people who have narrowly missed being knocked down by a car in the area were read out.

A total of 172 people have signed a petition calling for Belisha Beacons, a 20mph speed limit or moving the zebra crossing further down the road.

Sandy Clifford, who lives in The Fairway, Mill Hill, said her neighbours had been receiving parking tickets – even though the yellow lines outside their homes were meant to be temporary.

They were put in when The Fairway School was being built in 2012 – but have only been enforced in the last few months.

Ms Clifford said: “We want the lines removed, never agreed them to be permanent.”

Other issues concerned cars speeding down Burtonhole Lane.