Motorists were left frustrated after being told “it’s not your right to park outside your home” at a meeting last night.

People in Selwood Drive, Barnet, have received warnings for parking with two wheels on the kerb to allow others to pass down the narrow street.

During last night’s meeting, at Barnet House, in Whetstone, Serena Wilson asked chairman Councillor Lisa Rutter for clarity on the situation.

Although householders parking outside their homes began receiving similar 'valueless fines' three years ago, they were later cancelled.

Ms Wilson said: “We would like to know why the exemption was revoked with no discussion, and by who.

“The council should designate or clarify an alternative area for residents to park safely and legally.”

The council told the residents there were designated marked bays to allow them to park safely and that parking with two wheels up on the kerb is illegal.

Officers said the council had received complaints with safety concerns for pedestrians due to the footways being obstructed.

The council said the warning tickets would continue to be issued but its design team would look into finding a more formal scheme.

Paul Bragg, infrastructure and parking manager, said: “It’s not your right to park outside your home.”

After the meeting, Ms Wilson said: “We’re frustrated, it’s not clear where we can park and there’s no steady stream of information.”

A Barnet Borough Council spokesman said: “After receiving complaints from residents who were unable to use the footpath in Selwood Drive, the council is now in the process of installing new marked bays.

“This will allow residents to park at appropriate locations and make sure that access to the footpath is not restricted.”