Three members of the same family rolled up their sleeves and had their arms inked with a charity’s logo in memory of their father and uncle.

Brothers Danny and Barry and uncle Ray Stokes, who live in Potters Bar, had the Peace Hospice logo tattooed on their arms to pay tribute to Roy Stokes.

Roy was cared for at the hospice before he died on April 25, and the trio’s tattoos are now turning heads, warming hearts and raising smiles.

His wife, Roy Stokes, decided to treat her family to the indelible etching. She said: “The care was so wonderful that we could not forget what they did for us all and for Roy.

“Peace Hospice Care was so special. Even after the funeral we wanted to do more to keep Roy close and remember the Hospice.”

During the funeral, the family held a collection, which raised £1,740 for the hospice.

Their youngest son, Danny came up with the idea for the tribute, which was carried out by Michael Rose, who runs Michael Rose Arts in Potters Bar.

Each tattoo took around ninety minutes to complete.

Danny said: “We were a bit sore afterwards but very happy with the design. We started showing it off immediately, we loved it.

“It is also a tribute to the Hospice. Peace Hospice Care does such great work and has to raise so much money for its services. We wanted to do our bit and say thanks.

“Our dad was a remarkable man, so generous, and hard working . He was so loved by family and friends. Dad is missed and always will be but the tattoo keeps him close.”