Neighbours are concerned about plans to sell alcohol in a supermarket that they fear will become a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

Euro Food Market, in High Street, Barnet, will now be able to sell alcohol from 7am until 1am during the week.

Despite a petition against the off licence amassing 96 signatures, the plans were approved by Barnet Borough Council’s licensing committee this morning.

People living in the area spoke against the plans at the meeting, warning it would create an “alcohol hotspot”, encourage anti-social behaviour and increase the amount of rubbish in the streets.

There are already two off licences next to the site and there are fears a third would worsen the problem.

Speaking after the meeting, Michelle Codrington, who lives in Bedford Avenue, High Barnet, said: “I have noticed in the past few months there’s growing anti-social behaviour.

“There’s trouble with people buying alcohol and people being aggressive. I have four children, and I am concerned it’s going to be exacerbated by another outlet.

“There’s also a girls school directly opposite. How many more shops do we need in the area? It’s overkill.”

However, police raised no complaints about anti-social behaviour  the committee said the argument that there were already too many off licences in the area were “not valid”.

Speaking on behalf of the applicant, agent Tim Munro, said: “Objections include too many of the same type of outlet. There’s no good reason at the moment to refuse it or change it. There’s no history in the area of complaints.

“There’s nothing in the petition relevant. It’s purely a commercial issue.”