Parents in NW London can now breathe a sigh of relief as a new educational consultancy has been created to provide support and guidance to parents on all aspects of education.

Jaderberg Krais Educational Consultancy is run by professionals Lorrae Jaderberg and Katie Krais, two highly qualified and experienced primary teachers with a long and successful history specialising in helping primary school children achieve their potential while at the same time supporting their parents.

The consultancy was set up to fulfill their vision and belief that every child should be given the opportunity and encouragement to achieve the best of their ability and potential.

Katie says: "The idea behind our work is to provide a hand holding service to parents – helping them through every stage of their child’s education. This ranges from supporting them with making the right school choices at primary and secondary level, to helping identify any special needs issues or making suggestions on how to support your child in reaching their true potential."

Lorrae says: "Parents want to know exactly what level their children are working at, how they are progressing academically, what their strengths and weaknesses are and honesty regarding their potential. In response to this, we provide academic assessments, advice about schooling and individual and group tutoring - all to an extremely high standard. We also refer children to other professionals and specialists if required."

Their services include academic assessments to find out a child’s ability and potential in order to make informed judgements about choosing future schools; all forms of tutoring, including preparing children for state selective and independent secondary school entrance examinations including interview technique and practice; confidence building, referral to specialists, counselling services, seminars for parents and industry and in-service training for schools and local authorities.

Just looking at the background of this dynamic duo, you can tell they’re an experienced pair. Both Lorrae and Katie have had many years primary school teaching and senior management experience behind them, along with working as special educational needs co-ordinators with qualifications in specific learning difficulties, including dyslexia. They are both published educational authors.

Since 2007, Lorrae has been running Lorrae Jaderberg Educational Consultancy and Katie her own consultancy called, Surviving School Transfer, advising parents on all aspects of secondary transfer.

In 2007 Katie went on to write her book Teach yourself getting your child into secondary school which was published in 2009 by Hodder as part of their bestselling Teach Yourself range. This book provides help to parents, arming them with up-to-date knowledge, facts and rules about the transfer system as well as providing them with realistic expectations about future schools based on thorough assessments.

Lorrae and Katie are delighted with the response to the recent launch. "We are extremely busy all the time and growing at a tremendous rate," Lorrae remarks. "Parents tell us how important this type of service is and how they wished they had known about us earlier." Katie continues: "We are delighted with the positive impact that our work is having on the local community and look forward to many years working in partnership with parents, schools and children. We are here to guide, advise and support – not judge!"

If you would like to know more about Lorrae and Katie’s services visit their website