Three years ago, William Trevitt and Michael Nunn, the founders of all-male dance troupe BalletBoyz, decided to hang up their ballet shoes for good. Having enjoyed ten years of success with the splinter group, formed following their departure from the Royal Ballet, it was now time to introduce fresh blood to the stage.

They held auditions for male dancers of any ability – looking for raw talent to help blossom in a show called The Talent.

“We were just beginning to realise that any day now we would do a performance that we would be disappointed with, that wasn’t up to scratch,“ explains William. “This group of young guys – they didn’t have the experience we had and they didn’t have the finesse perhaps, but they had something really interesting to watch. It’s literally seeing potential dancing in front of you.

“That’s what we’ve been trying to build on, these guys are maybe young and inexperienced but what you see is such energy and drive and commitment that, as older dancers, those are the things that start to wane a little bit.“

Now in it’s third year, The Talent 2013 will première two new dance pieces by internationally celebrated choreographers Russell Maliphant and Liam Scarlett, performed by ten young dancers, five of whom are new to the troupe this year.

“They bring so much new information with them,“ continues William. “They have completely open minds and they will try anything and yet they come up with such interesting ideas, going to places that older, experienced dancers wouldn’t even consider going.“

Having been both a dancer and now director, William has a caring approach to his troupe – but demands their best.

“When Mike and I were young dancers you’d have to dance until you were broken,“ says William. “I’m much more interested in these guys really looking after themselves.

“We’re not monsters beating them with a stick forcing them to dance ’til they drop but on the other hand it’s like a chef in a restaurant. It has to be right, you have to get the best out of your team. We’re looking for perfection and nothing else will do really.“

BalletBoyz is at Watford Palace Theatre on January 18 at 7.45pm. Details: 01923 225671