A family rock and folk band from Barnet will release their debut album this weekend.

Skram is made up of Darren Marks, a London based hypnotherapist on guitar and vocals, and his teenage sons Adam, on banjo, and Benjamin, on drums, both boys are pupils at Jewish Community secondary school in New Barnet. The final addition is their producer Paul Miles, who features as the bass player on thaw album.

They describe their sound is “an eclectic mix of styles, reminiscent at times of Mumford & Sons but also REM, as well as embracing many traditional folk and bluegrass elements”.

“Lyrically the music has been influenced by both my work in hypnotherapy and hypnosis but also very much by my experience as a parent,” says Darren. “The idea was to produce songs that both uplift and inspire.”

Benjamin, the young percussionist at only 13-years-old, is going to be taking his grade eight in drums later this year. Adam, the banjo player, when asked about his choice of instrument, an unusual one for a teenage boy living in London, says: “Lots of people play guitar and I wanted to do something different. When I saw a banjo being played by folk rock band Rusty Shackle at a festival a few years ago, I decided that would be the instrument for me.”

“I’m really proud of my boys,” says Darren “Completing a project like this as a family is a dream come true for me.”

Head Held High will be available from the March 5 on iTunes, Amazon, Google and directly from the band themselves as both a digital download and CD from skramband.com