A five-star review of the Purcell School Symphony Orchetra at Watford Colosseum

Times Series:

12:50pm Friday 24th October 2014

A five-star review of the Purcell School Symphony Orchetra at Watford Colosseum

Review: Holi One

Times Series:

9:30am Sunday 10th August 2014

Wembley was awash with colour on Saturday, as Holi One took over Wembley Park.

A four-star review of Watford Philharmonic's Gilbert & Sullivan at the Watford Colosseum

11:34am Monday 23rd June 2014

A four-star review of Watford Philharmonic's Gilbert & Sullivan at the Watford Colosseum

A 5-star review of Blofeld and Baxter at the Watford Colosseum

Times Series: A 5-star review of Blofeld and Baxter at the Watford Colosseum

10:58am Friday 13th June 2014

A 5-star review of Blofeld and Baxter at the Watford Colosseum

A four-star review of Belmont Theatre's Two One-Act Plays at The Pump House in Watford

5:19pm Monday 9th June 2014

A four-star review of Belmont Theatre's Two One-Act Plays at The Pump House in Watford

A 5-star review for Kings Langley Players' Breaking the Code

11:36am Friday 30th May 2014

A 5-star review for Kings Langley Players' Breaking the Code

A 5-star review for English Philharmonia and Chorus at the Watford Colosseum

10:44am Friday 23rd May 2014

A 5-star review for English Philharmonia and Chorus at the Watford Colosseum

Review: Morecambe

12:10pm Friday 25th April 2014

ACTORS are trained in playing another persona, but it is something altogether different to portray a real-life, national treasure on stage.

Review: Little Shop of Horrors by Watford Operatic Society

2:56pm Friday 16th May 2014

Review: Little Shop of Horrors by Watford Operatic Society

Former prostitute fails to spill the beans in stand-up show

Times Series: Miranda was known as Melody professionally

4:37pm Tuesday 6th May 2014

Miranda Kane is fun to watch but seems reluctant to dish the dirt

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch attends world premiere of Hertfordshire Chorus' Codebreaker

Times Series: Credit Phil Bowman

4:32pm Monday 28th April 2014

The chorus performed James McCarthy's piece about the life of genius Alan Turing at the Barbican Centre on Saturday

Four stars for An Intervention at the Watford Palace Theatre

Times Series: An Intervention stars John Hollingworth and Rachael Stirling

12:27pm Tuesday 29th April 2014

Review: An Intervention at the Watford Palace Theatre starring Rachael Stirling

New Anthology charting Kirsty MacColl's career from Croydon to Cuba

Times Series: All I Ever Wanted-The Anthology is out now

9:25am Thursday 24th April 2014

A two-disc CD has been released 14 years after the singer's death

An Evening with Stars from Strictly Come Dancing - Katya and Pasha

Times Series: Mesmeric: Pasha and Katya at the Beck

8:39am Thursday 10th April 2014

SEQUINS, feathers and an array of shirtless men. Not your average Sunday night in Hayes.

Review of Morecambe at Alban Arena

Times Series: Bob Golding plays his hero Eric Morecambe

12:10pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Local actor Bob Golding stars in the biopic which opened at Alban Arena ahead of a nationwide tour to mark 30 years since the comedian who lived in Harpdenden died

Watford man in Fatal Attraction

Times Series: Alex Lowe (photograph: Helen Murray)

2:27pm Friday 28th March 2014

Alex Lowe, aka Barry from Watford, tries to chat up Natascha McElhone but she only has eyes for Mark Bazeley in Trevor Nunn's staging of Fatal Attraction

Review: Brendan Cole - Licence to Thrill at the Watford Colosseum

Times Series: Brendan Cole in his Strictly guise

1:55pm Friday 7th March 2014

Review: Brendan Cole - Licence to Thrill at the Watford Colosseum

Review of Cirque du Soleil: Quidam

Times Series: Statue Act, photos Matt Beard and costumes Dominique Lemieux

11:57am Wednesday 8th January 2014

Looking for a way to beat off the January Blues? It is impossible not to feel inspired by Cirque du Soleil's Quidam

Wilko Johnson at Oceana*****

Times Series: What's On module top link image

11:51am Friday 20th December 2013

On stage bassist Norman Watt-Roy points out to Wilko Johnson that he is standing under a sign reading Final Tour. Wilko just shrugs and gets on with it, business as usual. Guitarist and singer-songwriter Wilko Johnson, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just before Christmas last year, has chosen to look death in the eye on his farewell tour, which called in at Oceana last Tuesday night.The 820-strong audience were suitably readied by fellow Essex rockers Eddie & the Hot Rods and south London bluesmen Nine Below Zero for what was the first in a series of new live band nights – Watford Live – at the nightclub.

A Christmas Carol at Charing Cross Theatre****

Times Series: Duet between Scrooge and Belle

11:45am Friday 20th December 2013

Read our glowing review and book your tickets for the Christmas Eve special show at Watford Colosseum

Fragile Fire and Fool of the Warsaw Ghetto at The Pump House*****

Times Series: Shonaleigh Cumbers

12:01pm Friday 20th December 2013

The Holocaust is what we are taught in history but new theatre company Voices of the Holocaust highlights the real people behind Hitler’s plan for Jewish extermination. The production opens with Fragile Fire, a play based on the 1942 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Review: God of Carnage ***

10:16am Friday 21st June 2013

The programme characterised this play as ‘A comedy of manners without manners’.

Anything Goes

12:20pm Friday 24th May 2013

Interesting passengers brought together on board a cruise ship in the 1930s are sure to be fruitful of fun and romance. These are provided in spades in this production by the Watford Operatic Society of Cole Porter’s famous musical Anything Goes. It is done so well by the amateur performers (a number of them have professional experience) that it is as enjoyable as you could hope to see anywhere. Particularly impressive is the skilled dancing in period style which all the characters must engage in, as well as singing; the choreographer Jessica Rufey deserves special credit, as does the unnamed designer of the glamorous costumes.

Courtney Pine at Harrow Arts Centre

2:30pm Friday 3rd May 2013

SOME 25 years ago Courtney Pine lived no more than ten houses from me in a quiet, tree-lined street in Harrow and here was I, on a Friday evening in late April 2013 at the Harrow Arts Centre, within ten metres of the man himself.

Great Expectations at St Albans Cathedral*****

Times Series: Guests enjoy first film screening in cathedral

5:21pm Friday 1st March 2013

A bitterly cold night, an ancient cavernous church, the atmosphere at St Albans Film Festival's preview screening of Mike Newell's Great Expectations could not have been more apt - even without the dry ice and fake mice. The organisers really went to town with the decorations which included candles, cobwebs and even a mouldering Miss Havisham at her bridal table. The director's local pedigree is well known - the Newell family's connection with St Albans Cathedral dates back more than 200 years (though as Mike points out when we speak before the film starts, it is known affectionately as 'The Abbey' by those who reside within the city's environs). As well as having a strong link with The Abbey Theatre's Company of Ten just down the hill, Mike was head chorister at the abbey in his youth. In his introductory speech before the film he recalls bats swooping through the nave on autumn nights of yore making ladies in the congregation duck. "In an odd and mysterious way my work is connected to this place," he says. "I swear this is where I started to use that part of my imagination." He goes on to describe Dickens' most loved novel as a "great moral drama" and his film brings that ethical dilemma to the fore. When we first meet Pip he is an impressionable pup but his thirst for knowledge goes beyond pure bookish learning - what we see on screen is his quest for a meaningful way of life. Jeremy Irvine's enthusiastic portrayal as the adult Pip contrasts beautifully with Holliday Grainger's imperious ice queen Estella and the journey they embark on is thoroughly convincing. Dickens' minor characters - the Pumblechooks and Pockets et al may be played out as theatrical caricatures but all the major players are gratifyingly and edifyingly solid. Ralph Fiennes' Magwitch, Helen Bonham Carter's Miss Havisham, Jason Flemyng's Joe Gargery - Mike reveals their heart and humanity at every step. There may have been "countless other versions" as the director himself points out, but he is thoroughly justified in making this one - its infinitely more than one might have hoped for.  

REVIEW: The Primavera Ensemble, Radlett Music Club ***** by Graham Mordue

8:52am Monday 4th February 2013

The Primavera Ensemble is a sextet: two violins, two violas and two violoncellos. This is a comparatively unusual chamber music combination, and in this concert each of the works played had its extra element of novelty.

Olympic medallist Louis Smith discusses his role on the Strictly Tour

3:50pm Friday 1st February 2013

It’s been a busy few months for Olympic medallist Louis Smith.

Throw away art

2:56pm Friday 1st February 2013

Window envelopes, old packaging and used tea bags - just everyday items that most of us would discard without a second thought, but not artist Ann Kopka, who is currently exhibiting at Harrow Arts Centre.

A Christmas Carol at Chorleywood Memorial Hall*****

Times Series: Chorleywood Memorial Hall's stellar performance of A Christmas Carol

9:32am Tuesday 3rd January 2012

Thanks to our five-star review this Chorleywood show is now off on a national tour.

Medea at Watford Palace Theatre*****

Times Series: Diana Rigg's daughter Rachael Stirling plays Medea at Watford Palace Theatre

9:39am Friday 19th October 2012

Mike Bartlett visited The Palace Theatre 18 months ago with his very successful product play Love, Love, Love and his latest offering Medea, a modern version of the greek tragedy by Euripides, doesn't disappoint. In fact it has a show stopping finale that matches any I’ve seen over the years.

One Piano, Four Hands - Helen and Harvey Davies at Radlett Music Club****

11:54am Friday 19th October 2012

Two people playing duets on a single piano is a form of chamber music that we do not hear very often. It is even less usual when the two are mother and son, as are Helen and Harvey Davies.  In the home and in piano teaching, it is commonplace, of course, and the co-ordination and sympathy that we expect in those circumstances were very evident in this concert given for the Radlett Music Club. As the programme demonstrated, composers from the early days of the piano to the present have been inspired by this form. We do not always know why they chose it, but sometimes it provided the extra richness and dynamic range that would later emerge in an orchestral version.  Or, as Harvey, addressing the audience, pointed out, this extra dimension might be valuable in a student work, as was the case in Joubert's Divertimento, opus 2, the first work in the concert. It was easy listening, and at once demonstrated the special techniques required when, for instance, the hands of two players must cross and when one player must use the sustaining pedal for two.

Richard Hills Theatre Organ Recital at Watford Colosseum****

11:59am Friday 19th October 2012

This was a further recital in the series given by Richard Hills on the theatre organ at the Colosseum.  The audience had been invited to send in requests.  The result was a nostalgic programme of light music best remembered by older listeners, but well worth the attention of a new audience which we may hope will be attracted to hear it.  Favourite numbers such as the Dam Busters march from the classic film and songs such as 'Singing in the Rain' and 'Those Foolish Things' from well loved stage musicals made up Richard's programme, as indeed at his previous recitals here.  More ambitious requests were for music composed by Albert Ketelbey and Percy Grainger, for instance; for these, even Richard, who usually plays from memory, had the printed music in front of him.  I wonder whether further expansion of his repertoire might attract a larger audience. The event tested one's memory of music that was universally known and popular in its time but has hardly been heard for half a century.  These pieces may rightly be described as classics of their kind.  They inherit the easy rhythms, simple harmonies and memorable tunes that derive from the romantic music of the nineteenth century.  Much of the charm of Richard's performance is due to his expert use of the theatre organ's resources.  A good theatre organ such as this is remarkably versatile.  Loud or soft, fast or slow, dance or march or song, appealing and sometimes surprising tone quality, the technique of three manuals, pedals and a full range of stops and other controls - he is the master of them all, as this programme again demonstrated.  Watford is fortunate in having acquired this sort of organ, but perhaps it sometimes tempts him to use its maximum volume when it may confuse the listener. Richard said in his opening remarks that this is one of the finest instruments of its kind surviving in this country (most such theatre and cinema organs of the mid-twentieth century were lost as public tastes changed).  It is to be hoped that the reputation of these recitals will be widely circulated and will contribute to the revival of some excellent music. Graham Mordue

FILM REVIEW: Riot from Wrong

Times Series: Riot from Wrong

12:47pm Thursday 11th October 2012

On the fourth day of last year's riots, a young London production company, Fully Focused, decided to make a documentary about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the situation.

"Maggie, I think I've got something to say to you"

12:41pm Friday 5th October 2012

Whether it was because your childhood sweetheart found someone else to push on the swings, or your live-in paramour delivered the lily-livered line: I love you, but I’m not in love with you – Breaking up, as The Walker Brothers sang in 1965, is so very hard to do.

Stan Tracey at Herts Jazz Festival*****

3:57pm Monday 24th September 2012

The phrase "national treasure" may be overused, but no-one who saw him revisit his classic Under Milk Wood album at Welwyn's Campus West will doubt it applies to Stan Tracey.

Lost In Yonkers at Watford Palace Theatre***

3:13pm Friday 21st September 2012

Neil Simon's Pulitzer Prize-winning, coming-of-age tale is set in New York with the focus on a dysfunctional family spanning three generations. Jay (Jos Slovick) and Arty (Keith Ramsay) reluctantly find themselves left in the care of their cantankerous Grandma Kurnitz (Bernice Stegers, pictured right) and their sweet, ditzy Aunt Bella (Laura Howard) while their father Eddie (Jonathan Tafler) travels the country trying to earn enough money to repay the family's considerable debt. We soon realise that growing up with Grandma has never been easy as we learn more about loveable Bella and meet the glamourous but intimidating racketeer Uncle Louie (Nitzan Sharron) and nervous Aunt Gert (Polly Conway).

Calendar Girls at Watford Colosseum*****

3:10pm Friday 21st September 2012

I’d seen the film and cried, so when I heard Calendar Girls , the play, was coming to Watford, I wondered how well they could make it work on stage.

The Best Years Of Your Life at Watford Palace Theatre*****

3:07pm Friday 21st September 2012

IT’S your birthday and you should be feeling on top of the world – only life isn’t always like that. Watford Palace Theatre’s resident company nabokov especially commissioned ten young writers to pen a story under the collective title The Best Year of Your Life , each writer taking one birthday between 16 and 25 as their stimulus. The result was a series of delicious vignettes, depicting how the irrepressible spirit of youth is slowly shaped by experience.


3:05pm Friday 21st September 2012

THIGH deep in Glasto mud may remain the ultimate festival experience but the thousand-strong crowd at last Saturday’s Oxfest on The Green proved how fine it is to celebrate music in your own back yard.

Royal Grammar School High Wycombe at Watford Colosseum****

4:29pm Monday 10th September 2012

Graham Mordue reviews last Sunday's gala concert

After The Rainfall at Watford Palace Theatre***

9:58am Tuesday 4th September 2012

After The Rainfall Palace Theatre August 31

A Ghost Story for Christmas

Times Series: A scene from A Warning to the Curious

5:09pm Monday 20th August 2012

It's rather early to be talking about Christmas, but an exception can be made for the release of the first two DVDs in a set of classic BBC ghost stories.

Les Miserables at the Rudolph Steiner School, Kings Langley*****

Times Series: One to watch: George Watkins as Jean Valjean

4:30pm Monday 6th August 2012

A rapturous standing ovation was the only possible outcome for Vivo D'Arte's stellar performance of Les Miserables last Friday night. It is a wordy, complicated, long and moving piece and the cast dealt well with its demands, aided by director/musical director Dan Cowtan and his team.

Review of The Dark Knight Rises

Times Series: Review of The Dark Knight Rises

9:58am Friday 20th July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises, the latest and last in the trilogy, stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy

Jet Set Go! at The Pump House*****

5:05pm Friday 13th July 2012

Choreographed routines featuring trolley bags and airline tap-dancing air stewards were among the cabin-load of delights that greeted the Pump House audience at last night's amateur staging for Pippa Cleary and Jake Brunger's refreshingly modern musical Jet Set Go!, which debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008.

Peter Pan at The Pump House Theatre****

Times Series: Some of the cast members of Peter Pan performed in the Harlequin shopping centre

12:41pm Wednesday 11th July 2012

Peter Pan, the timeless classic by JM Barrie, has once again been brought to life by the talented young children of The Pump House Theatre. This is the heart-warming story of ‘the boy who never grows up’ and his adventures with the three young Darling siblings: Wendy, John and Michael in Neverland - a magical world of mermaids, lost boys, Indians and fierce pirates, including the most terrifying of them all, the dreaded Captain Hook.

Review on Miriam Halahmy's novel, Illegal

5:49pm Monday 2nd July 2012

Following on from Hidden, Illegal is the second novel in Miriam Halahmy’s compelling series set on Hayling Island.

Being Tommy Cooper at The Old Red Lion*****

10:47am Monday 25th June 2012

‘Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks.

The Real Thing at Watford Palace Theatre****

Times Series: Marianne Oldham and Gerald Kyd star in Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing at Watford Palace Theatre

2:23pm Thursday 14th June 2012

Words are sacred, Tom Stoppard tells us in his cleverly crafted play The Real Thing. Starting rather than ending with a fine twist, this wittily-wrought treatise on love and loss takes us through the emotional landscape of two professional couples Annie and Max, who are both actors and Debbie and Harry, an actor and a writer.

Organ Music at Watford Colosseum****

10:01am Wednesday 13th June 2012

The characteristic sound of the theatre organ filled the Colosseum when Richard Hills gave another lunchtime concert on Monday, June 11. In a programme entitled Great Music from Great Britain, he played, from memory throughout, music from stage shows and other popular numbers, some of them from as far back as the 1920s. Some of these, such as Noel Coward's 'Mad Dogs and Englishmen', are now part of the national myth. As Richard remarked in speaking to the audience, it was a programme that matched the time of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, for this is the light music that the young Elizabeth knew.


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