The 2012 London Olympic Games had put a “golden veil over my eyes” says Dougal Irvine, who has based his latest musical on the political backdrop of the biggest sporting competition to be held in the UK in recent years.

The Buskers Opera, a brand new political musical, is set during the Olympic Games. Media mogul Jeremiah Peachum is secretly pulling strings behind it all to enable the Mayor of London to gain political success off the back of Team GB’s achievements. However satirical street busker Macheath and his fellow malcontents, The Ninety Nine Percenters, are out to take them down.

Of his inspiration Dougal says: “I thought the Games were wonderful. I remember chatting to people in the street afterwards and saying London was truly great and we’re going to go on and there’s going to be no poverty in the street and our politicians are going to change and life’s going to be better.

“Then bit by bit I watched homeless numbers double or triple, I watched further cuts to services, I watched the incredibly manipulative election take place in 2015. I sort of realised that the games had put a golden veil over my eyes.”

Park Theatre in Finsbury Park has crowdfunded more than £6,000 with which to make this their first ‘relaxed’ production accessible to all.

The money they have raised will support the relaxed production by allowing them to train and employ more staff. Performances of this kind cater to those who may find attending the theatre uncomfortable due to a physical, mental or sensory impairment. Some slight adjustments are made to the show such as softer lighting, reducing sound levels and leaving theatre doors open.

Actress Natasha Cottriall plays the character Lucky Lockitt, she trained in musical theatre at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and has acted for relaxed productions before. She says: “It went down so well and we went to talk to a lot of people afterwards and they were really happy to have watched it. They were really excited about it and were asking loads of questions, really amazing questions which no one else had asked me before.”

As well as this, the money raised will help subsidise their Arts Matter – Pass It On scheme which will see at least 100 tickets distributed to charities, youth groups and outreach programmes around Finsbury Park, to make the show accessible to people of different financial and social backgrounds.

Producer Michael Peavoy says: “Very early on in the early development stages of The Buskers Opera it was clear that a piece of theatre about society, that asked questions of us all and how we operate, had to involve everybody. I knew we had to make sure that all felt welcome to take part in that conversation and question with us regardless of their personal or financial circumstances.

“If we manage to get even a handful of people into the theatre that otherwise wouldn’t have come, and we can give them a top class show that makes them think about the world, or even forget about the world for a few moments – then we’ll have done our job.

“Theatre is an incredibly powerful thing, that’s why we believe wholeheartedly that art matters and the best thing we can do is to pass it on. Hopefully there are enough people out there that will agree with us, get involved with our crowdfunding efforts and help us pass on some tickets, and come along to enjoy the show.”

Actor George Maguire has appeared in a variety of theatre productions over the last ten years and has won an Olivier Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical Award for Sunny Afternoon. In The Buskers Opera he plays Macheath and says: “This is unlike any other musical. A musical for a new generation. This is a generation that are slightly more interested in what’s happening around them and politics and maybe this can raise some questions.”

The Busker's Opera is directed by Lotte Wakeham of Matilda, Sweet Charity and The Other School, also by Dougal Irvine, with musical direction by Sean Green.

After winning a competition Anna Kezia Williams, a theatre design student at the University of the Arts London, will design the set and will be mentored by leading set and costume designer David Woodhead.

The crowdfunding scheme ended yesterday, Tuesday, April 26, however there is still the opportunity to support their work by contacting them at

Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, N4 3JP, Thursday, April 28 until Saturday, June 4. Details: 020 7870 6876