Twenty-six London playwrights invite you to Come to Where I’m From through watching them perform work about where they live or grew up.

Isley Lynn is a Tottenham-based writer partaking in the event who lived in Virginia, USA until she was four and has since lived all over the UK, finally settling in north London.

She tells me about her performance piece: “It is about my identity as an immigrant but English speaking and white, so I have a much better time than other immigrants in Tottenham, they come from much harder circumstances.

“Also I'm basically the face of gentrificationm white middle class, a bit arty.

“It’s also about the ambivalence I feel, the uncertainty. One day I feel very at home and on other days I feel like I don’t belong.”

Each playwright is commissioned according to the theme, Come to Where I’m From, and so I wondered if she had explored this feeling fully prior to creating the work.

“It clouds every day in ways I didn’t realise until I sat down to write it on a piece of paper. I realised I had three plays’ worth of stuff to talk about – where I’m from and where I am now.

“My writing is always to do with people figuring out who they are and getting ownership of their lives and their autonomy, it is self-investigation.”

Isley has always had an interest in writing and so made an interesting degree choice.

“I went to Exeter to do a drama degree because I wanted to have a more rounded idea of the industry,” she tells me.

“I think it’s important if you’re working with a diverse team to know what everyone’s job is and what they have got to achieve.”

This decision served her well as earlier this year her previous play, Skin A Cat, was awarded the sought-after Pick of the Year at Vault Festival.

The works in Come to Where I’m From do not have a cast and crew but just the writer reading their work. Isley’s work will be staged on the final night, Wednesday, July 6 at the Park Theatre.

Since 2010, Come To Where I’m From has seen more than 100 writers from across the UK writing plays about the places that shaped them and this year its focus is on London for the first time.

James Grieve and George Perrin, co-artistic directors of the organisation behind the event, Paines Plough, say: “We’re so excited people everywhere will get to hear these extraordinary, enchanting, evocative plays from everyone from Olivier Award winners to first-timers with many more to come in 2016 and beyond and celebrate a city that inspires so many great writers.”

Alongside the London events the project extends to the Come To Where I’m From app to create a living library containing more than 90 short plays from writers across the UK who have taken part in the project since it began, with new plays to be added as they are written in the future.

Isley Lynn will feature as part of Come To Where I’m From at Park Theatre on 6 July, the lineup runs from Monday, June 27 until Wednesday, July 6. For the full line-up and information on the Come To Where I’m From app please visit: