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A-Level Performance 2013 Key Stage 5)

Institution Average point score per A level student (full-time equivalent) Average point score per A level entry expressed as a grade % of A level students achieving at least 3 A levels at A*-E % of A level students achieving 3 A levels at grades AAB or higher (in at least 2 facilitating subjects)
Abbotsfield SchoolNENENENE
Acland Burghley School697.2C75%7%
Acorn Independent College758.6C+95%24%
Acton High SchoolNENENENE
Aldenham School697.4C93%10%
Alexandra Park School761.4C79%10%
Alperton Community School677.1C-81%8%
Archbishop Tenison's School481.8E+32%5%
Ark Academy
ARK All Saints Academy
ARK Putney Academy682.8D+60%8%
Arts Educational School874.0B-59%5%
Ashbourne Independent School832.4B87%32%
Ashcroft Technology Academy832.5B-88%21%
Ashmole Academy847.0B-89%21%
Avanti House School
Ayesha Community SchoolSUPPSUPPSUPPSUPP
Aylward Academy573.2D-34%2%
Bales College521.3D-50%0%
Barnet and Southgate College546.8D61%1%
Barnhill Community High School673.4C-53%11%
Battersea Park School790.9C-48%0%
Bentley Wood High School727.3C92%6%
Bethnal Green AcademyNENENENE
Bishop Douglass School Finchley708.4C+69%14%
Bishop Ramsey Church of England School755.0C+92%13%
Bishopshalt School770.2C-91%12%
Brampton College781.2B+96%28%
Brentford School for Girls667.0C-79%2%
Brentside High School734.4C-79%4%
Broomfield School579.1D-58%5%
Buckingham College School310.7U29%0%
Burlington Danes Academy817.4C+89%9%
Burntwood School735.7C85%8%
Bushey Meads School709.1C71%2%
Cambridge Heath Sixth Form635.4C76%6%
Canons High School770.2C90%17%
Capital City Academy693.4C-62%8%
Cats College London744.2B-87%15%
Central Foundation Boys' School691.9C+80%13%
Channing School988.8A98%55%
Chelsea Academy775.5C97%8%
Chelsea Independent College712.5B78%28%
Chestnut Grove School790.3C+47%0%
Chiswick School712.6C68%9%
Christ's College Finchley698.0C73%14%
City and Islington College682.1C-83%5%
City of London Academy - Islington495.9E19%0%
City of London School982.9A-91%56%
City of London School for Girls1011.6A100%74%
City of Westminster College607.1C-71%3%
Claremont High School682.1C-80%9%
Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College700.7C+93%4%
Copland Community School615.3C-78%0%
Copthall School667.0C-85%11%
Cranford Community College664.8C-69%3%
David Game College825.5B93%31%
Davies Laing and Dick College640.8C+68%10%
Dormers Wells High School632.4C-82%5%
Drayton Manor High School861.4C93%27%
Duff Miller College782.3B89%21%
Ealing Independent College761.2C+92%20%
Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College561.5D62%0%
East Barnet School687.6C77%4%
Elthorne Park High SchoolNENENENE
Emanuel School815.5B-96%24%
Ernest Bevin College649.9D+52%5%
Fashion Retail AcademyNENENENE
Featherstone High School680.1C70%6%
Feltham Community College640.2C-55%3%
Finchley Catholic High School770.6C+93%11%
Fine Arts College800.1B-92%6%
Focus School - Barnet Campus758.0C+38%13%
Fortismere School851.6B98%30%
Francis Holland School853.3B93%19%
Francis Holland School890.2B+98%45%
Fulham College Boys' SchoolNENENENE
Greenford High School694.3C77%8%
Greig City Academy615.7D39%2%
Grey Court School
Gumley House RC Convent School, FCJ808.0C+98%9%
Gunnersbury Catholic School855.0B-97%25%
Guru Nanak Academy796.6C75%5%
Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School1000.0A99%73%
Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls979.2A100%75%
Hackney Community College587.2C-56%0%
Hackney New School
Hackney University Technical College
Haggerston School647.3D+53%7%
Hammersmith Academy663.2D+72%4%
Hampstead School657.5C-62%8%
Hampton School1135.1A-100%68%
Harlington School566.9C51%1%
Harrow College604.3D68%1%
Harrow Collegiate776.8C95%13%
Harrow High School718.7C-92%12%
Harrow School1065.5A-99%59%
Hasmonean High School827.1B84%28%
Hatch End High School767.9C96%14%
Haverstock School632.4D+69%2%
Haydon School843.3C88%13%
Heathfield School for Girls884.1B+100%34%
Hendon School667.7C-70%3%
Hertswood School628.6C-36%4%
Heston Community School737.4C+82%12%
Hewens College609.8D-63%5%
Highbury Fields School687.8C-67%4%
Highbury Grove School690.5C74%7%
Highgate School977.1A-99%60%
Highgate Wood Secondary School632.0C-64%9%
Holland Park School840.8B-98%30%
Hornsey School for Girls689.5C+88%4%
Hounslow Manor School609.7D+36%0%
Ibstock Place School875.6B77%37%
Immanuel College876.7A-96%29%
Isleworth and Syon School for Boys735.5C+71%12%
Islington Sixth Form Consortium659.1C62%6%
Kensington and Chelsea CollegeSUPPSUPPSUPPSUPP
King Alfred School799.2B67%20%
King Fahad AcademyNENENENE
King Solomon Academy
King's College SchoolNENENENE
Kingsbury High School717.7C67%10%
Kingsley Academy
La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls' School696.8C-71%7%
La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary School701.5C82%9%
Lady Margaret School854.7B98%30%
Lambeth Academy699.4C70%7%
Lambeth College578.2D+79%0%
Lampton Academy733.9C78%8%
Lansdowne College616.1C+75%14%
Latymer Upper School988.5A-100%55%
London Academy612.9D+59%4%
London Nautical School484.8D-37%7%
Lubavitch House School (Senior Girls)NENENENE
Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle1103.8B+92%64%
Mander Portman Woodward School711.7C+80%19%
Maria Fidelis Roman Catholic Convent School FCJ616.2C60%0%
Menorah Grammar School720.0B-60%27%
Menorah High School772.1A-79%53%
Merchant Taylors' School1010.1A100%65%
Mill Hill County High School806.4B-96%25%
Mill Hill School Foundation826.3B+94%29%
More House School612.4D+71%0%
Morpeth School631.4C-81%5%
Mossbourne Community Academy832.6B98%25%
Newman Catholic College630.0D+83%0%
North London Collegiate School1165.5A89%67%
Northolt High School695.5C-70%10%
Northwood College880.1B+96%32%
Northwood School665.2D67%0%
Notting Hill and Ealing High School965.8A-100%57%
Nower Hill High School859.7C99%17%
Oaklands School652.8C+65%13%
Our Lady's Convent Roman Catholic High School750.2C+81%6%
Paddington Academy700.7C-58%8%
Park High School738.7C98%10%
Parkside Studio CollegeSUPPSUPPSUPPSUPP
Parliament Hill School709.1C79%11%
Phoenix High School633.6D-87%0%
Pimlico Academy726.6C+88%9%
Portland Place School750.6B-92%8%
Preston Manor School745.6C+93%16%
Purcell School677.2B-63%15%
Putney High School957.3A-100%59%
Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School761.8C+92%14%
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet1156.2A100%85%
Queen's College London745.0B61%21%
Queen's Gate School880.9A-97%48%
Queens Park Community School837.4B88%30%
Queens' School819.6C+95%10%
Queensmead School769.3C+71%10%
Quintin Kynaston School645.1D+56%9%
Raine's Foundation School690.9C74%4%
Reach Academy Feltham
Regent High School650.4D+71%6%
Ricards Lodge High School659.9D+50%11%
Richmond Adult Community CollegeSUPPSUPPSUPPSUPP
Richmond-upon-Thames College678.6D+78%5%
Rickmansworth School803.9B-98%21%
Rivers Academy West London744.9C62%12%
Rooks Heath High School704.7C-86%11%
Rosedale College696.2C-46%8%
Ruislip High School828.9C-96%9%
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Secondary School738.6C+85%9%
Saint Cecilia's, Wandsworth Church of England School826.9B-95%27%
Saint Gabriel's CollegeNENENENE
Saint Joan of Arc Catholic School728.1C88%10%
Saint John Bosco CollegeNENENENE
Salvatorian Roman Catholic CollegeNENENENE
Skinners' Academy650.5D-46%0%
South Hampstead High School994.6A-100%53%
South Thames College602.9D85%0%
Southfields Academy633.7C-38%3%
Southgate School744.2C+87%9%
St Aloysius RC College559.7D+28%0%
St Andrew the Apostle Greek Orthodox School
St Anne's Catholic High School for Girls705.2C-79%3%
St Augustine's CofE High School675.5C-81%8%
St Augustine's Priory813.1B93%23%
St Benedict's School846.0B97%29%
St Catherine's School665.0B-67%17%
St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College662.5C-69%1%
St Dominic's Sixth Form College912.8B-95%29%
St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College701.2C-85%3%
St Gregory RC High School762.5B-68%12%
St Helen's School927.6A-100%55%
St James Senior Girls School885.9B+100%47%
St James' Catholic High School702.5C86%5%
St Margaret's School887.1B97%33%
St Mark's Catholic School832.6B99%21%
St Martha's Senior SchoolSUPPSUPPSUPPSUPP
St Mary Magdalene AcademyNENENENE
St Mary Magdalene Academy: the Courtyard
St Mary's CofE High School559.0D47%5%
St Michael's Catholic Grammar School1121.8B+100%55%
St Paul's Girls' School1048.8A+99%87%
St Paul's School1106.0A+100%79%
St Richard Reynolds Catholic High School
St Saviour's and St Olave's Church of England School743.6C+85%12%
St Thomas More Catholic School635.8D+50%2%
Stanmore College593.0D66%3%
Stem Academy
Stockley Academy541.8D+57%0%
Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form748.7C91%10%
Swakeleys School for Girls787.8C+79%10%
Tayyibah Girls' SchoolSUPPSUPPSUPPSUPP
The Abbey College In London680.8B-85%23%
The Bridge AcademyNENENENE
The Brooke House Sixth Form College671.2D+81%4%
The Bushey Academy613.7C47%7%
The Camden School for Girls864.0B94%31%
The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial RC School923.0A-94%45%
The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School806.2B-97%18%
The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East LondonSUPPSUPPSUPPSUPP
The College of North West London540.0D-56%0%
The Crest Boys' Academy538.1E+23%0%
The Crest Girls Academy645.3D+71%0%
The Douay Martyrs Catholic School737.5C+97%8%
The Eden School (SDA)190.7U14%0%
The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls711.1C80%14%
The Elstree UTC
The Godolphin and Latymer School1047.5A100%62%
The Green School762.5B-78%13%
The Grey Coat Hospital766.1C+81%18%
The Harefield Academy601.5D17%4%
The Harrodian School847.1B99%17%
The Heathland School757.9C90%12%
The Henrietta Barnett School1015.1A100%78%
The John Lyon School866.8B+97%32%
The Lady Eleanor Holles School1207.5A99%74%
The London Oratory School843.6B-93%35%
The North London International SchoolNENENENE
The Reach Free School
The Royal Ballet School381.3C0%0%
The Sacred Heart Language CollegeNENENENE
The St Marylebone Church of England Bridge School
The St Marylebone CofE School849.4B95%19%
The Swaminarayan School802.5B-96%27%
The Tiffin Girls' School1173.7A-100%72%
The Totteridge Academy418.8E13%0%
The Working Men's CollegeNENENENE
Tiffin School1142.2B100%56%
Twyford Church of England High School842.2B93%26%
University College School878.3A-100%56%
Uxbridge College680.5C-86%4%
Uxbridge High School714.8D+62%9%
Villiers High School648.3D+78%9%
Vyners School767.7C+81%19%
Watford Grammar School for Boys995.1B+99%50%
Watford Grammar School for Girls915.6B+89%34%
Wembley High Technology College743.6C+87%13%
Wentworth Tutorial College568.3C-62%0%
West Herts College621.8E+0%0%
West London Free School
West Thames College519.1D-57%0%
Westfield Community Technology College689.6D-43%2%
Westminster City School600.0D72%4%
Westminster Kingsway College637.9D+78%3%
Westminster School1142.2A+63%51%
Whitefield School587.6D47%0%
Whitmore High School775.7C+98%12%
William Ellis School672.0C-77%6%
William Morris Sixth Form599.3D+51%3%
William Perkin Church of England High School
Wimbledon College761.8C53%11%
Wimbledon High School936.5B+100%54%
Winchmore School628.0D+50%4%
Woodhouse College801.5B-92%18%
Wren AcademyNENENENE
Yavneh College821.3B90%17%


Includes data supplied by Department for Education 2010-14


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