A youth group leader is appealing for volunteers to help paint West Hendon Community Centre on Saturday.

Henry Purkis needs local people to help him redecorate the Marsh Drive centre between 10am and 6pm on Saturday.

The centre is in need of repainting as it has become rundown.

Barnet Homes, who own the centre, have provided funding for the paint, but workers are still needed.

Mr Purkis said: “It needs sanding down and repainting. The wood needs a couple of coats of gloss as well.

“Everyone is welcome to come and help out – they don’t need to have painting experience.

“This is about getting members of the local community involved in their centre.

“It will hopefully bring the community together and give them a sense of shared responsibility for their centre.”

The West Hendon Community Centre is home to a children’s centre and various community projects, including a youth group and a breakfast club for asylum seekers.

Anyone who is interested in helping out is asked to contact Mr Purkis at henry@fairplaybarnet.org.uk