A knitting enthusiast designed her very own sparkly woollen poppies to raise cash for the Royal British Legion.

Phyllis Ramage, 44, of Edgware, created a pattern before getting to work with her knitting needles for this year’s poppy appeal.

The Open University lecturer said: “I was marking essays and then knitting in-between. It was hard work but I’m really pleased with the amount I’ve raised.

“I decided to knit the poppies because both my husband’s parents were active in the Second World War.  My father-in-law was a captain and my mother-in-law was a nurse."

The mother-of-two made poppies using silver wool as well as plain woollen ones, raising a total of £160. She also sold her design on the shopping website, eBay, giving 100 per cent of the proceeds to RBL which supports serving members of the Armed Forces, veteran and their families.

Mrs Ramage added: “Although I’m a pacifist and against war, those men and women who go out and serve deserve a lot of respect. When they get back, it’s important they are supported.

“I’ll definitely be making poppies again next year. I’ve already planned to improve the design and will be starting knitting even earlier so I have more poppies ready to sell.”