Rush hour commuters have voiced their frustration about an unreliable bus service that constantly terminates before the final stop.

Passengers claim 107 buses, which should run every 16 minutes between Edgware, Borehamwood and New Barnet, run more than ten minutes late in the mornings.

To regulate the timetable, the bus kicks passengers off midway through the journey, leaving travellers forced to reach their destination by foot or pay extra to board the next bus.

Mike Lawson, who catches the bus from Kenilworth Drive, Borehamwood, every morning, is fed up with the service and has lodged countless complaints with Transport for London (TfL), which runs the bus route.

The 52-year-old teacher at Barnet College  leaves his house before 7.45am to get to work for 9am - even though the journey to the Wood Street stop should only take half an hour.

He said: “I am annoyed. I can live with the fact that it turns up late, but what annoys me is when we get kicked off, usually at the Arkley stop.

“That means another 15 minute walk to the college for me. That is not a tragic amount of time, but it is the principle of it all. It happens around three to four times a week.

“There is a horrendous amount of traffic on the roads and we should be encouraged to use the bus, but the services are so poor.

“I am in two minds over whether to start driving to work but there is no parking at the college.”

Many Barnet College students, who live in Borehamwood, rely on the 107 to get them to lessons on time.

The bus is the only link between the two boroughs, so many are constantly turning up late to lessons.

Hazel Atkinson, who is studying for a diploma in childcare at the college, catches the 107 from Canons Corner at 7.30am - but does not start lessons until 9.30am.

The 20-year-old is constantly faced with waiting for a second bus at Stirling Corner or Galley Lane when the 107 unexpectedly terminates.

She said: “Having to leave early messes my day up. We get told around three stations before that the bus will terminate - usually Stirling Corner or Galley Lane.

“The most annoying this is that sometimes there is a 107 in front of you, but when you are kicked off that bus does not wait - so you have to wait 15 minutes or longer in the cold.

“People rely on this bus and we should not have to set off two hours before we start college. You never know how long it is going to take you.”

Another student, 17-year-old Michael Lambau, agreed: “It is so frustrating when you pay for the bus but then have to pay again.

“It makes me late and I get into trouble with the teachers - it happens to all my friends too, something needs to be done.”

Seven complaints have been lodged about the 107 on the Fix my Transport website.

One user said: “The 107 has become an absolute joke of a service. More often than not the bus is severely late.

“When it does turn up you do not go the full journey before being kicked off. I only want to be able to rely on a service I pay for which I do not think is too much to ask?”

The Borehamwood Times is awaiting comment from TfL.