Hendon MP Matthew Offord has denied comparing same-sex marriage with polygamy.

Mr Offord was criticised for his comments on same-sex marriage in the House of Commons on Monday.


He said: “Has the government considered introducing other forms of marriage such as polygamy and if not, when can minorities who believe in such a practice expect their own consultation?”

Many people took to Twitter, slamming Mr Offord for “comparing” gay marriage to polygamy.


Defending his choice of words, Mr Offord said: “I did not compare same-sex marriage to polygamy.

"The point I was making was that where does this process end? Why does the government believe that it is right to fundamentally change the definition of marriage for one minority, for example same sex couples, but not for others, such as Mormons?"


Mr Offord cited Canada, where same-sex marriage was recognised from 2005 and where there are now campaigns to introduce polygamy.

He added: “We were told in 2004 that civil registration would not lead to same-sex marriage but the announcement proves that is not the case so where will such changes lead?”

Mr Offord does not approve of the Government’s plans to allow gay marriage in register offices or religious places such as Unitarian churches, Quaker meeting houses and reform synagogues from 2015.

He said: “I am not in favour of same sex marriage as I believe Civil Partnerships, which I am in favour of, already provide legal protection to same-sex couples.

“I disagree with the proposals because I believe that marriage is the traditional union between a man and a woman and the Government does not have the right to fundamentally change the definition of marriage after hundreds of years without including the idea in a manifesto, Queen’s speech or even as a consultation.”