A dancer from East Barnet impressed celebrity judges with his "amazing" and "beautiful" moves on TV show Got to Dance last night.

Eian Crockatt, 26, of Church Hill Road, starred in the show's first episode alongside his contemporary jazz dance group G-Nome.

G-Nome busted their best moves in an attempt to win three gold stars from the show’s judges -  JLS star Aston Merrygold, former Pussycat Dolls’ member Kimberly Wyatt and Diversity street dancer Ashley Banjo.

Speaking to the Times Series Eian said: “In previous years you could get two stars and still go through to the next round, but now you needed three the pressure was definitely on.

“After we’d performed they didn’t show it on TV but there was about 30 seconds before the judges told us the results. It literally felt like hours.

"We were standing on stage, the audience was quiet and the judges were discussing what to give us. It was very dramatic.”

But G-Nome breathed a sigh of relief as all three judges awarded them a gold star, meaning the group now has a chance of getting into the semi-finals.

Kimberley Wyatt, who gave the group a standing ovation, said: “That was just an amazing audition. We have never had a group of male contemporary dancers come on and do a piece for us here on Got to Dance.”

While Aston Merrygold praised G-Nome: “You can move as one which is really lovely to see. As a piece as a whole it just looked beautiful.”

Eian, who started dancing when he was 15-years-old, said: “It felt good – it was a big relief. I enjoy dancing in a team and working together to achieve one main goal. It’s really nice working with friends and helping each other out.

“We want to make contemporary dance bigger. We want more contemporary on Got to Dance and to promote it more in the dance world.”

The semi-finals will be shown on Sky One HD on Sunday February 10.