A man suspected of trafficking women into the UK to be sexually exploited has been arrested.

The 33-year-old British national is believed to be part of an organised criminal network responsible for trafficking hundreds of women from Europe.

Officers from the Trafficking and Prostitution Unit (TPU) arrested the man in Park View Gardens, Barnet, at 6am this morning as part of a series of early morning raids. Three Hungarian nationals were also arrested at residential addresses in Enfield and Haringey.

Potential victims were found at some of the properties where officers seized items including computers, cash, travel documents and account registers.

Search warrents were also carried out at two addresses in Enfield which are thought to be operated as brothels.

Detective inspector Kevin Hyland of the TPU said: "These arrests follow a six-month investigation. We believe that many women have been brought into the country having been told they will be given jobs only to then be forced to work as prostitutes, with some being physically abused and raped in the process.

“Our main concern is for the victims. Today we have identified women we think have been sexually exploited and they have all been offered care.

"The next stage will be to try to identify other victims, not just in the UK but those who have returned to Hungary, so they can be offered the same support.”

All four suspects have been taken to a north west London police station while the investigation continues.

Police are urging all victims of trafficking to call the police’s free 24-hour helpline: 0800 783 2589.