A teenager from High Barnet has been jailed for his part in a violent assault on a young couple in the Dollis Valley Estate.

Daniel Kamar, of Mill Bridge, in Dollis Valley Way, was handed five years in prison after being found guilty of attacking a man and his girlfriend on August 7 last year.

The attack left the man with a broken jaw and serious head injuries, while his girlfriend was also hurt as she tried to intervene.

An 18-year-old from Luton, Shalmuwn Hall, and a 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were also sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday.

The court heard how, at the time of the assault, the victim and his partner were walking through an open space called Crocus Field in the High Barnet estate.

The victim police how a young man came up to him and offered him drugs but he said he had no money and continued walking with his girlfriend.

Minutes later he was set upon by the gang who punched and kicked him and stamped on his head.

As his girlfriend screamed and tried to intervene, she was also attacked. The gang eventually ran off, leaving the victim semi-conscious, with a broken jaw and badly bleeding. 

His girlfriend was able call emergency services and several eye witnesses directed police to an address on the estate where they arrested the three suspects.

Hall and Kamar both resisted arrest and the latter assaulted a female police officer as he was being handcuffed.

Both were all charged with causing grievous bodily harm to the victim with intent, and assaulting a police officer with intent to resist arrest.

Kamar was sentenced to four months concurrent to his jail term for assault with intent to resist arrest.

Hall was sentenced to 40 months in prison after pleading guilty to GBH with intent. He also received two months in prison concurrent after pleading guilty to assault with intent to resist arrest.

The 16 year old youth was sentenced to 18 months youth rehabilitation order and 18 months supervision order and received a three month curfew after pleading guilty to GBH with intent.

The victim, who could remember little of the attack, and his girlfriend did not give evidence during the trial but the trio were convicted on the back of several eye-witness accounts.

Detective Constable Nick Harvey said:  “This was a particularly nasty and violent assault. Members of the public assisted police and took a brave stand against violence.  Their actions have had a positive effect on the community and I thank them for their courage in coming forward and giving evidence in court.”