Plans to expand a Jewish primary school in Burnt Oak were approved tonight.

The Menorah Foundation School in Abbots Road will demolish an existing nursery to make way for a two-storey classroom on the conservation area.

The expansion will mean the school will be able to increase its intake of 278 pupils to 480.

Discussing the proposals at tonight’s west area planning sub-committee, councillors Claire Farrier and Hugh Rayner expressed concerns the plans would result in traffic congestion in the area.

Cllr Farrier said: “I’ve heard from local people about concerns with parking and traffic.
There will be a lot of traffic in the morning and when the school finishes.

“Although the Highways officers say it will be ‘fine’, with an increase of students and staff I don’t think there will be enough parking spaces.

“Although I support the school and I’m glad it will be increasing its numbers, because there’s insufficient parking I’m going to vote against it.”

But other members spoke out in favour of the expansion including Cllr Darrel Yawitch who said: “I’m supporting this – the area needs more schools.”

With a rise in birth rates, immigration and more families moving to the borough, Barnet Borough Council needs to find an extra 660 primary school places by 2018.

The sub-committee voted to approve the plans and Menorah Foundation School is expected to begin building this summer.