Members of a dieting club are looking to shed stones and make pounds for charity during a six-week weight loss challenge.

North Finchley Slimming World’s members will compete to be the biggest loser as they raise cash for the North London Hospice, which cares for people with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses.

Slimmers will be sponsored for every pound they lose, while others plan to donate cash to have their belts shrunk and give away clothes they hope will no longer fit them.

Slimming World is running the competition across each of its branches and each group was able to choose a local charity to raise money for.

Finchley's 30 members voted for the North London Hospice as some of the members have had relatives treated there.

The challenge began last night (Wednesday) at the Greek Cypriot Community Centre, in Britannia Road, and is the first charity event run by the club since it started in October.

Organiser Dawn Murray said: “We’re looking forward to seeing how everyone gets on. It always helps when you have a target like this.

“By this time, a lot of the new year’s resolutions have gone out the window so hopefully this will be a bit of a boost for members and we can raise some money for charity.”