Barnet’s GLA Member has been replaced on the committee of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

Andrew Dismore was replaced by fellow assembly member Valerie Shawcross at the London Labour Group’s AGM at City Hall this afternoon.

Former Hendon MP Mr Dismore refused to comment on the news today and the Hendon Labour Group office declined to speak when contacted by the Times Series.

A representative of the politician claimed Mr Dismore chose not to stand as a candidate for the position, but said he was unable to give a reason for the decision.

The LFEPA is made up of 17 elected members of the Greater London Authority (GLA) and controls the strategy and finances of the London Fire Brigade.

Mr Dismore, who replaced former Fire Authority chairman Brian Coleman at last May’s elections, has vociferously campaigned against proposed budget cuts to the brigade since taking his seat.

The LFEPA is currently consulting on plans to close 12 fire stations, remove 18 fire engines and lose 520 firefighters to cope with budget cuts imposed by the Mayor of London.

Nobody from the London Labour group or the London Fire Authority has been available to comment on the situation but the Labour group did publish an operational note containing the changes this afternoon.

Ms Shawcross, currently deputy leader and chief whip of the group, already acts as lead member for transport and is the assembly member for Lambeth and Southwark.

No-one from Ms Shawcross’s office has yet been available for comment.

Paul Embery, regional secretary of the London Fire Brigades' Union said he was disappointed by the announcement.

He said: "While we respect that the decision is one for the Labour party, we were very surprised and disappointed to hear the news.

"Andrew was a highly able member of LFEPA, and one who articulated the concerns of the workforce very effectively."