The sun may be shining today but heavy rainfall earlier this week caused severe flooding at a popular East Barnet park.

Parts of Oak Hill Park were left under a foot and a half of water following the deluge last weekend and early this week.

Standing water on the flood plain blocked a main footpath running along a brook at the popular Church Hill Road space, causing problems for mothers with prams and small children.

But the makeshift pond proved popular with many of park’s regular four legged visitors, who were spotted splashing about in the water.

Martin Jefferies, who has been walking his dog in the park for the past ten years, said the flooding is the worst he has seen.

He said: “It will take quite a few days to clear. Any extreme of weather is exciting though – when it snows the hill is full of children sledding.

“It is fun for the dogs, though not so good for the people with buggies. But the council has done a lot to prevent the flooding here and there is not a lot more they can do.”