Every week, a curious silence descends on a little Quaker hall in Edgware as people meet to reflect on their faith.

Quakers, who meet at the Friends Meeting Hall, in Rectory Lane, are looking for new and younger members to boost their numbers.

The sect has its origins in Anglicanism, but in the 17th century a small group of people moved out of the mainstream church.

Edgware worshipper Moira Eagle, 80, said: “Our meetings can be totally silent and if anyone feels like standing up and saying something that means a lot to them, they can.

“The silence is a very special time. It’s a time to reflect. We are a very peaceful group of people and would love to have younger members join our ranks.

“Some of our members are more Bible-minded that others and some support Jesus. It depends on what you believe really.”

Quaker meetings are not led by a priest and they do not celebrate festivals such as Christmas, and Easter.

Mrs Eagle was born into the Christian faith, but converted when she was 56-years-old - and although her husband is an atheist, he is the treasurer of the Edgware group.

At the moment, just under ten members aged between 50 and 80-years-old join in with the twice-weekly meetings.

Mrs Eagle added: “It can be a challenge because we have to self-fund. But it would be lovely to have more people join us.”