Radio personality Andrew Marr is backing a Golders Green charity to help double the incomes of poor women farmers in Africa.

The BBC political editor has agreed to support iDE, in Accommodation Road, by recording an appeal live on air.

After overcoming a severe stroke last year, he returned to The Andrew Marr Show, on BBC Radio 4 every Sunday.

He said: “In a world of huge charities with big big bureaucracies I like the idea of getting money to the smaller charities who do the real work on the ground.

“This is basic sustainable and highly practical help. It’s the old business of providing not fish but fishing rods and tackle. “ “That’s why I support them so strongly and I hope you will too.”

iDE have four full-time staff and a dedicated team of volunteers, and supports over 10,000 farming families in Africa and Asia.

It provides training and loans to buy farming equipment including pumps and irrigation systems.

It will air on Sunday, February 2 from 7.55pm on BBC Radio 4.