The Museum of London is searching for volunteers to help launch an archaeological exhibition dedicated to showing what lies beneath the borough of Barnet.

Artefacts excavated from around the borough will be on display at Brent Cross Shopping Centre as part of the museum’s Unearthing Barnet project on Thursday March 13 and Friday March 14.

The star attractions will be a number of archaeological finds discovered in South Mimms, close to the border of Barnet, on the site of a 12th century earth-and-timber castle belonging to Geoffrey II de Mandeville, 1st Earl of Essex.

But before the sessions can get underway, a team of volunteers is needed to take part in a six week project based at the Museum of London’s archaeological archive and research centre in Hackney.

Here, the team will help repackage and document finds from the South Mimms site which have helped unlock secrets of the later medieval period, with evidence of how London’s elite class lived, and managed their estates.

These include arrowheads, suggesting a military presence at the castle, a copper-alloy brooch from the make-up of the castle mound, and a red deer antler, perhaps hung as a hunting trophy in the castle itself.

The project will run once a week from February 3 and will culminate in volunteers assisting museum staff to run the Unearthing Barnet event at Brent Cross Shopping Centre.

Glynn Davis, archaeology collections manager at the Museum of London, said: “The archaeological remains from this important site have only recently been deposited at the museum having been dispersed for many years.

"It’s great to be able to involve Barnet residents in preserving their local history as well as sharing this with the larger community.”

To get involved email Mr Davis on