Calls for better parking and safer roads were high on the agenda at tonight's Hendon Residents’ Forum.

Residents raised their concerns about "noisy", "dangerous" and busy roads around the borough, including Ajex Avenue in Colindale.

Neighbours called on Barnet Council to extend the hour of their Controlled Parking Zone from 7am to 7pm from Mondays to Saturdays due to limited parking in the street.

Concerns were also raised about increased traffic on weekends which the council officers agreed may have been the result of new developments in the area over the last few years.

But to the annoyance of residents, officers said changes to the CPZ would be considered “over the years”.

Andrew Dismore, GLA Member for Barnet, said: “When these developments were being planned we said parking would be a problem. People used to be able to park in their streets and now they can’t.

“Over the next couple of years you will see another thousand flats or so built there and you’ll see another thousand cars. Something needs to be done now, it can’t wait two or three years.

“Residents have made it clear what they want – residents want to see extended CPZ hours.”

The matter was referred to the Hendon Area Environment Sub Committee who will report their decision to the next meeting in March.

Concerns were also raised about “speeding vehicles causing danger” in Burtonhole Lane, Mill Hill, and “parking problems” resulting from restrictions on a single yellow line between 6am and midnight in The Ridgeway, Mill Hill. Both issues will be looked into by council officers.

Residents were also given confirmation that a pelican crossing will be installed in Colindeep Lane, near to Colindale School, in April.