A “dangerous” zebra crossing in Friern Barnet needs to be moved before someone is hurt, according to residents at a public meeting held last night.

The crossing, sited in Friern Barnet Road on the junction with Beaconsfield Road, has attracted attention for its close proximity to the busy turning.

At the Chipping Barnet Residents’ Forum last night, traffic officers were asked whether anything could be done about the crossing, at which cars are regularly forced to break suddenly when turning left out of Beaconsfield Road.

Barnet Council’s traffic officers said they had assessed the problem, but added that there are currently no plans to move the crossing further up the road, but said it had identified a series of measure that could improve safety.

These included warning signs on the approach to the junction in Beaconsfield Road, tactile paving, fresh road marking and road resurfacing.

Forum chairman, Councillor Kate Salinger, asked the officers to come back to the next meeting with answers to three questions: How much it would cost to implement these measures, how much it would cost to move the crossing, and to explain where the council would put the crossing if it was installing it now.

Barnet Council says it is not considering moving the crossing from its location at the corner of Beaconsfield Road