A public bench that was removed without warning by the council is to be brought back by popular demand.

The seat on the corner of Beresford Avenue and Russell Lane, in East Barnet, was the subject of a borough-wide bench hunt earlier this month after vanishing without a trace.

Residents’ association members, local police teams and a local councillor were all left confused over the disappearance before Barnet Council revealed it had removed the bench following complaints of anti-social behaviour.

But after objections from the East Barnet Residents’ Association (EBRA) and Brunswick Park councillor Andreas Tambourides, the authority announced today it will reinstate the bench.

Dan Hope, chairman of the EBRA, said: “I’m delighted to see the bench is to be returned. Hopefully we will find out what happened to the original one in due course.

“Most importantly, I hope the council will change its policy and in future consult users when removing equipment like this.”