A man who made his name as the money saving expert has praised the work of Barnet Citizens Advice Bureau for helping people through tough financial times.

Martin Lewis, the award-winning website founder, television and radio presenter, recorded a “glowing” review about its staff's hard work and dedication to support clients.

In a video broadcast at the organisation's AGM this week, he said: “I have heard of your work and I am a huge fan.

“It is often very easy to undervalue the impact of what you do. I am under no illusion that I would find it hard to cope.

“Every day you improve lives. There will be many people who through financial worries might have been pushed to the brink but are alive because of your help and support.”

The team has had to deal with 41,000 enquiries over the last year.

Mayor of Barnet Councillor Melvin Cohen also congratulated the team for their constant support during the meeting, held at the Greek Cypriot Centre in North Finchley.

He said: “As Barnet’s first citizen can I thank you for the tremendous work you are doing. Without you life in the borough would be all the poorer.”

The CAB has had a “record year”, according to chief executive Tim Clark, who presented the annual report and accounts.

A total of 85 per cent of clients surveyed said the organisation had made a positive difference to their situation, and 96 per cent said they were “very happy” with the service received.