Six thousands drivers are still owed a refund from Barnet Council after it illegally increased the price of residents’ parking permits.

The authority says it has been processing around 500 repayments a week since the High Court ruled in August that it had unlawfully raised the price for parking and visitor permits to increase revenue.

Councillor Dean Cohen, the cabinet member in charge of parking, said in answer to a written question earlier this week that the council had refunded just £903,000 of an estimated £2.25million.

But Barnet Council says that equates to 17,000 drivers of the estimated 26,000 who were illegally overcharged.

In a statement, a council spokesman said: “We have already refunded 17,000 permit holders out of a potential 23,000, which means we have refunded about 75 per cent of those eligible for a refund.

“We are writing, emailing and telephoning people to let them know if they are eligible for a refund.

“The refunds have been advertised widely in a number of publications, including the Hendon Times and Barnet First and are currently processing around 500 refunds per week.”