Barnet Borough Council has voted in favour of adopting a committee-based system of governance after this year's elections.

Councillors have voted to revert from its current cabinet system which it adopted in 2001.

Leader of the authority Councillor Richard Cornelius said: "We have made great strides with the running of the council over the past couple of years, taking millions of pounds out of our core costs with the two key contracts with Capita. However we are only half way through a decade of challenge.

"The council is committed to dealing with these challenges as openly as possible and I think a move to the committee system allows us to do just that. Policies will be discussed by all councillors in an open environment as they take shape. 

“Alternatives can be proposed and debated openly and community groups can make written proposals at the earliest stage.”

Cllr Cornelius said he thinks a committee-based system would be “much more open” than the current cabinet system.

He added: "These reforms should be seen in the context of a wider policy of transparency. We have published our key contracts online, we publish performance and risk information as a matter of course and even publish all of the critical comments about customer performance on line.

"I hope this wider openness will encourage a broader and properly informed debate about the future of the council and the borough."