A man who swindled an elderly lady out of her life savings was jailed for six months on Friday.

Sanni Alom conned the 86-year-old, who lives on her own in Edgware, out of £5,000 when he posed as a plain clothes police officer investigating a bank fraud.

The 22-year-old persuaded his victim to withdraw the money to help him catch a fraudulent cashier at her bank, before telling her he would send a courier to collect the cash.

Instead he phoned a taxi company and asked them to pick the envelope from the woman’s home and deliver it to a property in central London.

The driver became suspicious when he handed the envelope to Alom, and managed to take some photographs of the fraudster as he delivered the money.

Alom, of Fleet Square, Kings Cross, was quizzed by police at Colindale Police station in December 2012.

He first denied all knowledge but later concocted a story saying he had been threatened into collecting the cash by a gang of Asian and black men.

Police did not believe Alom’s account and he was charged with conspiracy to defraud.

Although the victim’s money was refunded by the bank, Wood Green Crown Court heard how the ordeal had a serious impact on the woman’s life.

Her daughter told police that her mother had lost all confidence, would not go out alone and relied on family and neighbours to take her out.

She did not deal with any of her finances and banking transactions. She has lost all trust in people and this has led to memory loss and a decline in her health.

On Friday, Alom was sentenced to six months in prison and will spend a further six months on licence following his release.

The judge also made an award of £500 to the taxi driver.

Detective Constable Brian Mascarenhas, from Colindale Police Station, said: “This was a particularly disgraceful crime, committed against a vulnerable elderly lady who was swindled out of the bulk of her life savings by someone masquerading as a policeman.”