People braved frosty temperatures and trudged through muddy banks to raise money for a seven-year-old boy with cerebral palsy.

Kind-hearted Erin Walfisz, of Oakleigh Gardens, Whetstone, rounded up her family and friends to help buy a specially adapted trike for her brother, Max.

They spent Sunday walking the 12 miles from their home to the Chinese New Year celebrations in London’s Soho.

Their mother, Dana Walfisz, said: “The sun was shining and everyone was really up for it. Friends and family met us along the way.

“Our route wasn’t brilliant - we had to trudge over mud and it wasn’t what we expected, although it did make us laugh.

“It was such a good atmosphere - especially in China Town. It was buzzing. Even though Erin was shattered she didn’t give up because she knew she was doing it for Max.”

Erin’s friend Lia Stratton, ten, and Max’s friend Casey-Beau Jackson, also joined in with part of the walk to help support little Max.

They raised £8,500 in total in donations for their walk, which will be spent on the trike as well as therapy to help Max walk independently.

“Cheeky, funny and charming” Max can only take a few steps unaided, as the condition leaves his right side weaker than his left.

He was born when his mother, Dana, was 25 weeks pregnant and he developed cerebral palsy after a bleed on his brain when he was one day old.

Today, he is unable to walk alone unless he is holding someone’s hands – but the trike will help strengthen his hips as well as give him the chance to play outside with his friends.

Max, who goes to Wolfson Hillel School, in Southgate, joined his family and friends for parts of the walk with a big bright and smile on his face.

Mrs Walfisz, 40, said: “Max was so excited, especially when we met people along the way. He was exited to be out walking with us.

“When his grandparents took him to meet us he was as asleep - but I woke him up and as soon as he saw Erin and Casey-Beau he had the biggest smile on his face.

“They held his hands and he walked with them - he was so happy. They all loved being in the West End at night. It was a fantastic day.”

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