Dried human faeces have been left scattered around a North Finchley garden and alleyway ten days after a drain spewed out gallons of raw sewage.

Lisa Kira said her health was put at risk after a blockage stopped her sinks and toilet draining properly on January 31, leaving an "awful" smell throughout her home in Percy Road.

The next day a drainage company attempted to solve the problem, but as sewage spilled into the 42-year-old’s garden, they said she should contact Thames Water.

Miss Kira, PA to the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, said: “Thames Water sent two engineers who then told me it wasn’t their problem. My entire garden was covered in thick lumps of poo and it was all over my garden furniture. It absolutely stank – it was horrendous.

“The next day Thames Water refused to send anyone else and I just broke down. I was furious.”

The sewage made Miss Kira ill, and she was forced to leave her home and sleep on a friend’s sofa.

She added: “It took a desperate phone call from my friend before Thames Water finally sent someone. It turned out to be a manhole that was blocked in the road.

“They’ve cleared most of the sewage but I’ve still got dried poo all over my garden and it’s in the alleyway as well.

“This is my second week off work because I’ve been so ill. I’m really annoyed at the way Thames Water is dealing with the situation. They did not want to accept responsibility when all along it was their problem. Ten days later and I’m still suffering.”

Thames Water told the Times Series it is under “enormous strain” due to flooding and is investigating the incident.

A spokesman said: “We know many of our customers are having a difficult time dealing with flooding. We’re under enormous strain too – with a network that’s only supposed to take wastewater being inundated with floodwater, we’re working extremely hard to manage sewer levels.

“Teams are working around the clock, our resources are stretched and we’re on constant high alert, but we’re doing our best in difficult circumstances.”