A Barnet travel agent specialising in holidays to the Channel Islands has gone out of business.

Preston Travel, which employs 30 staff in the UK and overseas, ceased trading this week after more than 50 years.

About 144 people are thought to be on holiday with Preston Travel at the moment, including a number in the Channel Islands.

The Association of British Travel Agents said this week those people would have the cost of the rest of their holiday and travel covered “to save them the inconvenience of claiming or paying again".

The company, which has an office in North Finchley High Road, also provided travel to the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Isles of Scilly.

Are you on holiday with Preston Travel or have you used them in the past? Contact Chris Hewett on 07824530136 or email chewett@london.newsquest.co.uk and tell us how the closure has affected you.