Teenagers were warned of the darker side of love at a Valentines-themed event to raise awareness about abusive relationships.

More than 30 people discussed what love meant to them at volunteering network V-Inspired's workshop at East Finchley Library, in High Road, on Saturday.

People contributed short stories, poems and essays on the theme of Love Is, which will be turned into an online e-book.

Organiser Ashleigh Lamming said: “It was a really good day. People were positive and were willing to talk about the issue - it made a lot of people think.”

She said the most poignant quote of the day came from an 18-year-old, who said “love is what makes you find yourself in a world that’s too big, but lose yourself in a world that’s too small."

Research shows that over 81 per cent of teenagers who are trapped in unhealthy relationships do not know where to seek help.

Others do not know how to behave towards their partners.

Borehamwood Times reporter Ruth Halkon gave up her Saturday to help run the event.

She said: “At Valentine's Day, the time of hearts and flowers, many people may forget that relationships can have their darker side, whether someone wanting to control their partner or where they are all the time, going as far as abuse or violence.

"Many of these young people may not know the relationships they are in are unhealthy, or how to change them.

"If we helped one young person rethink they way they should act toward their partner,  the day was worth it."