Councillors have voted to freeze council tax in Potters Bar for the fifth year in a row.

Hertfordshire County Council, which receives 74p of every pound of council tax collected in the country, will not raise its share of the tax.

The authority is responsible for schools, social care, fire and rescue and maintenance and will charge average Band D properties £1,118 a year.

It could also set aside £1m to repair flood damage across Hertfordshire.

Councillor Derrick Ashley, who has responsibility for resources, said: “Our prudent financial management has allowed us to freeze council tax at 2009 levels, while continuing to invest in services that are essential to supporting Hertfordshire’s residents and economy.

“This is despite the difficult economic situation, national reductions in public sector spending and increasing pressures on our budget from inflation, as well as the cost of meeting the many needs of Hertfordshire’s growing population.”

The cabinet will make a final decision in April.