Faded yellow lines will be repainted after motorists told the Times Series they were being ticketed - despite the unclear parking restrictions.

Barnet Borough Council will make the lines in Hoop Lane, Childs Hill, clearer to reduce confusion and increase parking availability during peak hours.

Dropped kerbs in Western Parade, New Barnet, will also be made more obvious by introducing white lines to reduce the risk of motorists' receiving a parking ticket.

Improvements to the dropped kerbs will also be made to improve pedestrian access.

Last week, the Times Series reported how driver Gil Exon was left “confused and frustrated” after being hit with a £110 fine in Western Parade, for parking alongside an unnoticeable dropped kerb and a faded yellow line.

At the time, she said: “My father’s in a wheelchair and so I understand the need for dropped kerbs, but you wouldn’t recognise this as a dropped kerb unless you knew it was there.”

Traders agreed - Andy Christofis, director of Cannon Flooring Ltd in Western Parade, said he regularly sees drivers ticketed for parking outside his shop.

Changes to a parking bay will also be introduced in Regents Park Road, Finchley Central, to reduce confusion.

Motorists in Finchley Central will now also have 15 minutes' free parking between 8am and 8pm Monday to Sunday to allow better use of the local shops.

Councillor Dean Cohen, cabinet member for environment, said: “Where we can we will do our best to make our parking signs and lines as clear as possible and will always investigate any such concern that is brought to our attention.”