The teaching equivalent of a football club youth academy will open up at a secondary school in North Finchley later this year.

The Compton School, in Summers Lane, North Finchley, has been accredited as a SCITT school – where student teachers can receive hands-on training for a full academic year rather than their usual placements.

The scheme is a government initiative aimed at increasing the practical experience of trainee teachers.

The Compton was approached by the Department for Education and will begin training students from September.

The school is already recognised as a national teaching school, which students can attend for shorter-term placements, and associate headteacher Mick O’Leary said he believes the latest accreditation is another step forward.

He said: “We will be developing the next generation of teachers right here and that is a massive attraction for us.

“We see it as something that will benefit the whole Barnet community, given our links with schools in the area.

“The school is always looking to improve – we don’t rest on our laurels or get complacent. That is why we’ve been outstanding for so long.”