While Barnet may have plenty of pigeons, one man was left all of aflutter when he spotted this multicolored bird sitting on a tree branch.

Andrew Vassiliou was walking along Colney Hatch Lane, Friern Barnet, on Saturday morning when he heard an unfamiliar tweeting sound coming from above him.

The unusual tourist ruffled a few feathers as it spread its wings to reveal flashes of blue, green, yellow and red.

Mr Vassiliou is now concerned the creature may be a pet parrot which escaped from its home.

He said: “I heard a tweeting sound coming from the trees - I’m not a bird person but it didn’t sound like the kind of birds you’d hear in north London.

“It was just sitting there, looking at me. It was very colourful and it’s clearly not from around here as I’ve never seen one like it before.”

Keen birdwatcher Clive Butchins said the bird looks like an Eastern Rosella from Australia, and it must be an escaped pet.

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