A brave widow had a close shave as she had her long locks shaved in memory of her husband.

Pollyanna Boothby Tucker, of Friern Park, North Finchley, had her hair cut to the scalp to raise money for the North London Hospice on Sunday.

The self-confessed daredevil has managed to raise just under £3,000 in the charity stunt, which took place in Marks & Spencer, Whetstone, where she works.

Her husband James Tucker lost his battle with pancreatic cancer six and a half years ago and she is determined to give back to the charity that supported the family in his final months.

She said: “It was actually quite a fun experience. We were giggling all over the shop, we had far too much fun during the day.

“I had half of my head shaved first which had us in stitches. Lots of people stopped to support me, including children, which was overwhelming.

“It was an emotional day, as I was obviously thinking about my husband the whole time.”

The 61-year-old collected £105 in donations from passers by who stopped to cheer her on.

This is the third time Mrs Tucker has had her head shaved for charity, and she says she plans to continue raising money for charities.

Last year, she had her bottom plastered and the resulting cast auctioned for the Barnet Carers Centre, as well as taking part in a charity skydive.

She added: “It suits me. They say a woman’s beauty is in her hair but that’s not always true.

“Having it shaved off was an emotional and spiritual experience. People who have lost their hair know that all your defences are down.”