Police are searching for the victim of an apparent assault in High Barnet that left a trail of blood along the pavement.

Foxton’s Estate Agents called police at 9.30am on Sunday after finding a large amount of blood up the glass window and on the pavement outside its shop in High Street.

Officers found a trail of blood spatter that led around the corner and subsequently sealed off the pavement between McDonald’s restaurant and Moxon Street.

Barnet Police said CCTV in the area revealed an altercation between a group of men and a woman outside McDonalds at 2.15am on Sunday before they moved out of shot.

A large amount of blood staining remains on the chipboard front of a closed shop next to McDonalds this afternoon and in a dried pool on the pavement next door.

A trail is clearly visible around to Moxon Street, where a second dried pool of blood remains, as well as a small bit of police tape left from the cordon.

The pavement was sealed off for several hours yesterday and officers say the incident is being treated as a crime.

Twitter became awash with rumours of a stabbing in the area yesterday afternoon, but police say they are still working to establish how the blood got there.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on the non-emergency number 101.