A mother fears a "crumbling" wall in her back garden could topple over and kill her toddler.

Roxanne Bowling, of Ash Close, Edgware, first noticed the brick wall was “wobbling” two years ago but claims housing association Habinteg failed to fix it.

After heavy rainfall in recent weeks, the 24-year-old was horrified to see some of the bricks had come loose from the wall.

Her son, Mitchell, two, regularly plays in the garden but she has since been forced to keep him cooped up inside in case the brickwork collapses on top of him.

She said: “It’s a joke. I watched the bricks come loose and collapse onto the floor - if Mitchell had been playing there he would have certainly been killed.

“It’s crumbling to bits more and more each day now and it makes me very panicked. I dread to see what it looks like every morning.

“I’m getting very down about it - it’s a horrible sight to see.”

The security gate at the back of the house also became detached from the wall when the bricks began toppling over.

Full-time mother Miss Bowling and her partner have since had to replace the gate with a makeshift trellis to keep burglars out.

She claims a surveyor came to inspect the property last week but is unsure when the work will be fixed.

She added: “It’s a massive health and safety issue - fixing something like this should be a priority and I can’t understand why it’s taken nearly two years.

“Everything has moved so slowly and I feel so helpless about it all, but it seems like there isn’t anything I can do.”

  A statement from Habinteg said: “We don’t normally comment on individual cases of this kind, however we have been in regular contact with the tenant on this matter.

"Surveyors are carrying out an assessment of the external wall today. Once this is complete and we have their report, any remedial works required will be planned in line with our policy.

“We will, of course, keep in touch with Ms Bowling to let her know what work is recommended and when it will take place.”