A Whetstone nightclub with a long history of drink-related related disorder has been shut down.

The Sequoia club, previously known as The Marquee, in High Street, had its licence revoked following a licensing review at Hendon Town Hall on Tuesday.

Sergeant Mark Altman, licensing officer for Barnet Police, provided evidence about a series of crimes at the club which previously had its licence reviewed in May last year.

On that occasion the club's owners were allowed to keep the licence but were told it would be likely to be revoked if any further transgressions were made.

Despite this, new owners Hassah Seweafi of Sequoia World Ltd and designated premises supervisor Anthony Cullinane ignored advice given to them by police at a meeting in December and opened the premises over the Christmas period.

On Christmas Eve officers were called to the venue to deal with incidents involving noise and disorder and on New Year's Eve an innocent bystander was glassed in the face when a fight involving two rival groups broke out inside the club.

Niall McCann of Joelson Wilson solicitors, representing the freeholder of the adjoining block of flats, supported the police representation.

Other neighbours and ward councillors Brian Coleman and Alison Cornelius gave reinforcing evidence of noise nuisance.

On hearing all the evidence, councillors John Hart, Wendy Prentice and Andreas Tambourides decided to revoke the premises licence.

Sergeant Altman said: "I am very pleased with the outcome of this review. This decision also sends out a strong message that Barnet police working in partnership with Barnet Council embrace responsible businesses, but will take positive steps against any errant licensed premises to ensure that Barnet remains a pleasant and safe place for people to enjoy themselves."