Barnet’s Labour group has admitted it was one of its members who was summonsed to court over an unpaid £1,400 council tax bill.

Group leader Alison Moore, who earlier this month said she would be “shocked” if the unknown councillor turned out to be a Labour member, said it would not yet be appropriate to name the individual.

But she promised the party would be investigating the circumstances in order to take “appropriate action” against the individual.

The announcement came hours before tonight’s full council meeting, at which all party group leaders were due to be challenged to stand up and declare that the un-named councillor was not a member of their party.

Councillor Moore told the Times Series this afternoon she would not be commenting further on the matter before tonight’s meeting.

A freedom of information request revealed that at least six members were sent reminders to pay their council tax between January 1, 2013, and January 31, 2014.

Two members were summonsed to court, one of whom owed a bill of £1,400, which remained outstanding until very recently.

Senior politicians, including Councillor Moore, expressed their surprise at the news last week, and criticised the anonymous member, who was not named by the council for data protection reasons, for failing to uphold standards.

But as pressure grew on the individual to come forward, Councillor Moore issued a statement this afternoon confirming it was a member of her Labour group.

She said: "I understand that no member of the Labour group is currently in arrears with their council tax. However, I understand that a member of the Labour group was alleged to have not paid council tax by the due date.

“We expect the highest standards from our councillors and we are investigating the circumstances in order to take appropriate action. It would not be appropriate to name the individual at this stage."